President's address

15, August 2020
Jean Ferre


Thank you for joining “Better Skies Together”, the forum that aims to shape the skies of the future. Hope you will like it and find it useful.

Air Traffic Management is a complex environment and becoming more so every day. An effective balance must be maintained between technology and the people who operate it. Their contribution and actions are important to millions of travellers, professionals of the air industry, and to our economies and environment.

As an Air Traffic Controller, you know best and your voice must be heard in creating the technology of tomorrow.

 Today, Thales launches a platform to discuss, share and design new solutions for tomorrow’s skies. With “Better Skies Together”, our collaborative platform, you’ll be able to share your experience online in open discussions about security, safety, accessibility and innovation.

We need all possible help - Are you ready to participate in shaping the future ?

Jean Ferré
Vice-President & Managing Director Airspace Mobility Solution Business Line, LAS Thales chez Thales

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